I am often asked, "How do I read a French wine label?" "I love drinking pinot grigio (or chardonnay or cab or pinot noir) in the US - why does it taste different in France?" "Wine lists in France make no sense to me - how do I know I'm getting a good wine?" "Which grapes are in which wine?" "Wine vocab - help!"

As a trained sommelier, I take immense joy in sharing my passion with others and teaching curious minds about the intricacies of French wine. Join me in my Oakland apartment, a local wine bar, or your home for private tastings and personalized events. Contact me for more info!

  • Wine tasting 101 : taste three wines from three regions while we talk about proper tasting techniques and basic wine label info

  • Varietal comparison : taste four wines - two of one grape varietal and two of a second grape varietal - to taste for yourself how terroir influences a wine.

  • Au Naturel : natural wine tasting. What is natural wine and why is it so popular right now?


Tastings are entirely adaptable to what YOU want to learn about! Get in touch and we can start planning a session.

We haven’t stopped talking about our great evening with Maeve! Maeve is friendly, very knowledgeable, fun, laid back and a joy to drink wine with and learn from. We got to ask all the silly questions we’re usually too embarrassed to ask our friends who know about wine. We came home to New York feeling like wine snobs and ready to tackle any French wine list.
— Eric & Jill