Il Brigante

My all time favorite pizzeria in Paris.

Tucked away in the 18th arrondissement behind the Sacre Coeur, Il Brigante is a small pizzeria that is all Italian. A pretty small place, the front room has two communal tables and three two tops run down the hall to the kitchen. Reservations are a must but delivery is now also available (but I highly recommend eating sur place!)

Charming in its simplicity, the only thing on the menu is pizza and a couple desserts. The wine list is short, just a few Italian reds and whites to choose from. There are no soups, salads, or appetizers offered - pizza only! Whenever we've gone the place has been packed and I've developed a skill for climbing over the table to get to my spot on the bench. I don't know if it's policy or luck but each of out visits has ended with an offer of our choice of limoncello or grappa while paying out bill.

14 rue de Ruisseau, 75018
01 44 92 72 15

Metro: Lamarck/Caulaincourt or Jules Joffrin
Closed Sundays
Reservations recommended