Le Grand Bain

Head to Belleville and walk down a narrow, graffiti covered side street to find this gem of a restaurant.

Chef Edward Dwelling Williams, Au Passage alum, runs the kitchen and sends out delicious, creative small plates. The menu includes about five options each in the fish, veggie, and meat categories, plus some quickly prepared cold starters to nibble on while you decide.

The night we went, the braised rabbit stole the show. The meat was so tender it seemed to just melt in my mouth. Totally caught up in the moment, I didn't bother snapping a photo of the plate. You'll just have to go and see it for yourself!

The wine list features natural producers. Ask the sommelier for any new wines or a staff favorite!

And the cheese! Oh, the cheese. The Brillat savarin was a tuerie! So creamy. So soft. So perfect.

A look at the menu. Dishes run 5-14€

A look at the menu. Dishes run 5-14€

The desserts, too, left nothing to be desired. There was no chocolate caramel mousse left by the time we got to the dessert course but this rhubarbe tart, the pecan pie, the baba au rhum, the apple crumble, and the replacement fondant au chocolat more than made up for it.

14 Rue Denoyez, 75020
09 83 02 72 02

Metro: Belleville
Open every night for dinner and Sunday roast
Reservations recommended