Tasted: April 2017, from Deck & Donohue Brewery

Tasted: March 2017 at a dinner party, from L'ébéniste du vin

Tasted: March 2017 at home, from Pratz

This is a really fun one. Brutal Wine Corp has a couple bottles from different winemakers and I have been dying to try them! I picked up this beauty at La Cave de Septime one Sunday night. This is the Remi Poujol bottling which the sommelier explained is the more natural, earthy, and funky of the bottlings and man! It did not disappoint! 

A blend of carignan and mourvedre, two of my preferred grape varietals, the wine has a meaty depth yet the fruit is light and fresh. My husband and I kept the bottle open for 4 or 5 days, tasting a bit each night to see how it was evolving. Natural wines can tend towards short lives once opened because oxygen affects natural wines more that "normal" wines packed with sulfites. We were pleasantly surprised when, four days in, the wine was still lively and giving off more herby notes.

In short, I highly recommend! And I can't wait to try the other winemakers' interpretations of the Brutal wine.

Tasted: March 2017 at home, from Septime Cave

Lledoner pelut is a grape variety that isn't often seen! It is a form of grenache, grown in the Langeudoc-Roussillon region.

Domaine Nada makes this with 100% lledoner pelut and it is delicious! Velvety with a touch of pepper, the fruit is ripe and it is packs a punch of flavor without being overbearing.

Tasted: March 2017 at Pratz

A toi nous, a 100% grenache from natural winemaker Andréa Calek, is a fresh and suave wine that drinks itself. Calek's wines are funky and A toi nous is the lightest of his reds, an easy gateway to the world of natural wines for any skeptic.

I first discoverd Calek's wines while working at Ellsworth and had a great time talking about A toi nous and his white wine, appropriately called Blanc, with customers. They have a freshness that makes them very approachable.

Tasted: February 2017 at Faggio

The Jura region of France is definitely one of the least known outside of France and is one of the most satisfying to turn people on to!

Domaine Villet's 2011 Arbois, made from 100% chardonnay grapes, is a beautiful and precise representation of the appellation. The wine has a saline backbone complemented by ripe yellow fruit and notes of chestnut.

A true delight to sip and discover!

Tasted: March 2017 at Le Grand Bain

Cooked blackberries, black pepper, and a hint of licorice came to mind when I first brought the wine to me nose. I love the spicy, often herby aromas and flavors on wines from the south of France.

Mas d'Alezon is farmed organically and this Faugères, a mix of grenache, syrah, and mourvèdre (GSM), was a hit - the table insisted on a second bottle! I opted to have the wine carafed so that more oxygen would interact with the wine and work to "open" the wine and release its aromas.

Tasted: March 2017 at Le Grand Bain

Hirotake Ooka's 100% syrah Le Canon is the best of what natural wine can be. With no additives, no sulfites, and minimal vine intervention, Ooka's wine burst with personality.

Simultaneously savage and sultry, slightly sparkly initially, and with a beautiful balance of fruit and spice, Le Canon is a deliciously captivating treat.

Tasted: March 2017 at Clown Bar